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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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p>> welcome back to fox 45 early edition on this monday morning.
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i'm patrice harris. off a beautiful weekend.recast beautiful weekend, ravens ú%n, and we can't ask better than that. we enjoy moreeof the nice so enjoy bbcause things are going to change, we will tell yoo aaout that in a moment. you are not going to find a wholl lot outtthere. dry conditions withha frontal boundary that is bringing us warm airras the warm front is pushing through todayy there may be a few frontal boundaries. 60 degrees at the bus stoo. 65 in d.c. and 64 in salisbury. ú% in hagerstown. look for temperatures to climb to 76 by noon with mostly clear skies, and then aafew more 79 degrees at 6:00 p.m. beforee3 all right, let's see what is3 now. candace dold is back and she is here with the traffic edge. ú%ndacc. >> reporter: good morning, steve and thank you. well, we are checking in onnmany of those main lines and so far not a bad monday morning out there.
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95 at mountain road. you can see tte cars are traveling up to speed, both the northbound and outhbound lanes. in fact, that's the deal on 95, traveling from whitemarsh all the way down towarr thh beltway3 as well. looking at a 4-minute drive. right now 54 miles per hour there. as for the beltway, we're looking t a normal ride from 95 up toward 83. 11 minutes, 55 miles pee hour and cars are cruising along from the 83 exit all the way toward 795, onll an 8 minute clip, 54 miles per hoor there. that's a look at the morning travell. ú%> it's maryland's big rematch. all eyes are on the race for -overnor, and today the candidates will square off n the first of three debatts. megan gilliland is live withú %-needs to say and do to win the votes. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. as it standd right now governor ú%malley has seemed to pull ahead in some polll, but governor bob ehrlich says he is
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ready to fight back. with three weeks left before election day, this debate may bb one to tackle the issues. they expect ehrlich to focus on money with the economy and the setbacks on he slots and the revenue. >> and if the primary electtoo is any innication, that motivation could be hard to find. >> this is a tough. i'm loooing forward to exchang of ideas..3 ú% it will beefun and i'm looking forward to it. >> o'malley got a boost last week when the president rallied with him a at bowie state universityythere's gap within that party. today is the first of three confirmed match up, the next two are set for october 21st and they wwll be aired on local radio. meean giililand. fox 45 early dition. we will have complete
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foxx45. tune in to the news at 5:30, and the fox 45 news att10:00 and the latt edition at 11:00. for the latest on the november elections, go to3 2010. city police are innestiggting a ration of weekend.s in balttmore over tte 5 people were killed and two others hurt innjust 24 hours. the first shooting happened satuuday night less than a bloc3 police saa 2 years old, arrell hood was shot in the head after getting into an argument. less than an hour later. officers were called to calvert avenue. thee found the bodd of a man dumped in an alley near a garage. investigators believe the two incidents may be related. theee were two othee ddadly shoottngs, but despite thee3 violence, police say ttat the total homicides are still at a record llw. >> we will have the up ticks of needs to kkow is that the bp has
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plans to respond. >> so far the police have made police release the name f a woman who died last week after ú%lling ddwn an elevator shaft. tracy byrd died last tuesday. officers ssy she was waaking with friends inssde of a vacant building on howard street when she fell ttrough the shaft. an occupancy found her injuries were consistent with anú acccdental fall. it's a breeddof dog that has people either scared of them or defensive offthem. some say they aae dangerous and should be illegal to own. while others say they are safe enough to play wwth their own children. what is the truth about pitbulls. where breeders feel that it's time to defend the breed. >> reporter: we hear the stories, another pitbull attack. why is that answer. we have jessicc here. this is little annie, of coursee the most arm less little thing
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we hear about attacks, is it ddfficult to get the adoptions -oing because of the perception. >> yes. it's a 2 part question, so i will gg into part one. because they are so feared and misunderstood, they get passed by in the shelter. so we do a lot of rescuing ann shelterssand then they are tempered tested, et cettra. it'ss ifficult to find quality owners, eepecially that are interestee in adopting. >> reporter: she is witt buuly buddies and marylandia ish she sees a lottof animals. what is it about pitbuuls that makes them more likkly to be aggressive. loyalldogs. they will do whatever they will to please their owner. if their owner wantt them to be3 aagressive or protective, they wwll do the bbst to please their owner. >> reporter: if they want them to become fighters, that
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will happen becauue hese dogs >> we have seen pitbullssthat are so attached to their owners that they will do wafer i!! what takes to make them haapy.3 >> reporter: so it's the ú%ners. are wirrd.ay that the pitbulls thattpropennity could be there, if it's taken the wrong way. >> it's hard to see he baby nice and sleeping and see the danger, but a lot oo people worry that it is there. %-llke we hear, there's a lot of >> thank you, joel.ú p>> reforming the juvenile it's quite interesting that nothing ever came of it. what could have een done to prevent tragedy at the sha chatm youth facilities. there's upper 50ssaround,
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but still that isswarmer than average
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so who is "making stuff up"? the news media say it's bob ehrlich... with attacks that have been called "false" and "misleading." made up attacks bob ehrlich knows aren't true. but here's what's not made up. bob ehrlich's $3 billion in taxes and fees. the $2.5 million he got paid working at a lobbying firm. or the fact ehrlich worked for the casinos to put slots at arundel mills mall. now, bob...that's all true.
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>5:39 on this monday morning. we''e looking at a nice ddy scan. here is the temperrture at thh inner harbor. pretty mild for this time of partly clludy skiess calm winds, 73% elaaive humidiiyyand the 64 is even close to where we %-high temperatures.y as far as it usually is up around 69 degreess.3 that's where weestart in baltimore. 65 in .c. 64? fairly uniform, cooler out in oakland at 52 degrees there. you see the warm froot movingg3 from south to north. it's going to brinn a lot of warmth our way,,we're looking barred to ttht. that is going to definitely be bringing those tmperatures uu higher than yesterday'ss3 mid-70s. instead we get to the low 80s
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today. and then thht colddfront that follows, brings a chance for a3 cup of showers as we gee into the overnighh perioo tonight and tomorrow into the afternoon, just about a 40% chance then. high presssrr continues to buill from the north and we see more sunshine coming your way for the latter half of ttis weee. now,,whaa is also going to happen, the nnxt cold ront s going to come through and going to brrng cooler air from canada down our way and will turn more seasonable with temperatures in the mid-to upper from wednesday so we haae oing to enjoy as i get out and enjoy it, because things are oing to change. mostly sunny skies, lots oo sunshine, everyone enjoying the sunshine especially after a ravens gaam. 83 for the high today with a west winn at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, 82 deerees for the high. and lots of sunnhine, west winds at 5-10. for tonight or through the day -tday. llt's take a look aad see where we go from here.
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76 degrees by noon getting to the high of 83 bb about 4:00 this afternoon and backing to spin 79 degrees at 6:00 p.m.h a few more showers, 59 degrees for the ovvrnight low. so that is still mild. the souuhwest wind becoming after 83 today. tomorrow kind of a transitional day. %-again being 69 degrees.age we will be above average, but it will beea grayer day and a chance.for showers, about a 40% we see more sunshine for moderate someeemperatures high, and 65 on friday and tte weekend, 6 aad 68, really noo too bad at all. very comfortable for outdoor activities with aalot of sunshine. it shhuld be a pretty one then. let's see what ii happening on -he roadways. we need to checc with candace dold who is back. , high school. >> no, she s 10 weeks now but it has gone by quickly, that ii we are back to talking about
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traffic. as far as the main lines we like what we're seeing out there. traveling through whitemarsh, 63 on the jfx and the same speed traveling on the beltway through pikesville. there's one thinn we need to be aware and it's because of a broken wwtermain, it's in catonsville at frederick road. the deaa is ta there's actually two-way traffic on the eastbound llnes. just be aware that it could cause some delaas throughout the -orning and even throughout the day. we will keep our fingers crossed so that is cleared up quickly. as far as the beltway, we're in the green traveling caaonsville and through wilkins avenue and making the push toward 95. on 95, let's see how things are shaping up right now on 195 near the airport. you can see so far so good on the cars are traveling just fine toward 495 in fact. whiiee 5 looks good. how does 295 look. taking a live look at route 32 and the northbound and southbound lanes e're loving this ride as well.
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there's nothing to get in your ú%a. th i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false. harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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p out dated buildings and not enough security cameras and
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radios. it also says leadership and lawmakers are to blame. joy lepola has more. -> reporterr on february 18th, a gruesome discovery is made on the campus on of shelton ham. one of the state's most notorious juvenile facilities. hanna wheelings bodd was found badly beaten. she had also been raped. it's suspected the 13 years old being held n connection with a killing used the brick as a weapon of choice. several people have since been >> there had been problems in %-that is my understanding one f the reasons why we want to put this oversight committee in place to try to look at some of the issues. >> reporter: but the ccmmittee never met once. >> it's quite interesting that ú%thing ver came of it. >> reporter: in 2005, lawmakers ppssed legislation that established an oversight
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commit owecommittee to take a ck at the state's juveniie system. the measure waa vetoed y the then governor robert ehrlich. in 2006, awmakers returned and oveover rode the vet owe. six members from the house and from the sennet were supposed to be appointed to the panel. michaellbush never made his appointment. we asked the speaker why. surprisingly, he said the oversight committee wasn't neededd >> there were certainly numerous oversight that deal with juf >> reporter: senator thomas action a mistake. he was tapped as a cochair at at panel. >> sometimes it slips through the cracks. >> reporter: middleton hh can
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only guess if the murder ould have been avoided if the committee had convened..3ú %-conditions up ttere and made -eameses whether oregistrationst -ould have stopped this mmrder, it's hard to say. >> there'ssa hot button issue, when there's a violent criie, when there's a death. >> reporter: since the house never appointed members and because of the languageeused in the legislation, the committee deinvolved before ever holding a single meeting. ú% she wasn't afraid at all. they had bad histories but to say she a guard in the rrom with her. >> reporter: joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. coming up later on ffx 45 morning news, what happens in -egas provides tons of laughter for movie lovers. >> a nice. >> we will never forget.
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good morning, everybody. here is the first look at sports. death, taxes and the broncos in inevitable things in the3 universe. %-healthy attack on the visitors in denver who came here trying to avoid the 3rd straight ú%happened as the ravens taae a rousing victorrat m ann t stadium. joe flacco looking down the and tied end and makes a nice adjustment on the ppss and holds %-you are lookinn at down the broncos 20, 58 yards onnthe play. that is diction ton's second
5:52 am
catch -- dixon's second catth of the year. willis mcgahee, he gets stuck.3 to it's decision time. and harbaugh calls play action on 4th aad goal, looking for the nada at the end zone. they combiie for the sack on flaflacco. on down. theenext yard. flacco finds aa open derrick mason in the middle. good for 19 and the first down. flacco, up perfect trike toion, todd, look at that. perish all game long. and the cap it off, flacco followw the big guy. the first score of the game, the 3rd careerrrushing touch down and the ravens are up, 7-0. the second quarter, ray rice
5:53 am
back to being ray rice. look at him, he weaves his way for 18 yards and the first down. three plays later, the flacco throws ittin the end zone. the defensive pass interference. ravens had 7 innings, ravvns get the ball at the 1. then on the first play after the penalty, rice takes the goal liie, carry, lips ii for the first touch down of the year. the ravens take it a two touch down lead. watch this. tte 5 yaads deep in the end zone, but man does he get blown up by jason phillips. and the ball comes loose. and the thomas left the game with the neck injury and a phone ringing in his head. the ravens couldn't do anything offenssvely, so here comes billy to sneak the 7-yard field goal. purple and black on top 17-0.
5:54 am
under a minute left in the half. broncos wwre the first in the -5, and they launch it in the end zooe. look attllndon, that is incredible for the touch down. taking another look at he buuns, and makes the outstretch grab. that is an nfl play. 17-7 at the break. led the 3rd quarter, 3rd and 7th.ú flacco in trouble. he coolapses. look at winkle toes here..3 he essapes, and luke is, and stretches for the 3rd down.ú that i is worth another look. flacco refuses to go down. flacco ran for a whopping 20 yards. later in the drive, now 4th quarter, rice crashes the goal line frommone yard out for the second ouch down of the game and he season. %-and there was more from rice n 3rd and 2. later in the 4th, ttkes the shot gone carry, a accelerates
5:55 am
through theeline. and takes on 11. rice ran for 133 yards, thh ffrst 100-yard gamm this year. willis mcgahee put it away. watch this, finds the hole, out runs the brooco defense, 30-yard on the touch down run. added 377yards and the ravens3 -mprove 4-1 on the year with a 37-17 win over the broncos. kristen had this report after the gamm. >> reporter: after any an emotional win last week, there was a talk about a let down at tte brrncos. that was far from the truth. the avens cruised to the highest total game point. >> our guys talked about following the big win with a win. ttat is rrally important. if you don't follow it up with the wii, it kind of negates the reason.. and it may get to 4-1. >> the sign of a good team is each week somebody gets better.
5:56 am
today, i can say that the overaal team victory. yoo look at theeway we ran the ball and the way we played and threw the ball. overall it was a great teamú victory. >> it's a greattbreak out for ravens running back ray rice. coming off of bruised kneee he ran for 133 yards and two touchdowns. >> today wassone of them games where everythhng felt ggod especially in the run game and offensive line. because of the stuff we were facing. a ost stuff that we were facing ú%r me, it was stuff that we can't ppactice it. it was a total overall group effort. >> he has proven that he can run between.3 he oesn't flash. but he ran the ball between the tackles and we weee grinding out yards really in the 3rd quarter. >>the ravens have the best record ii the league and for quarterback floww joe flacco hes never been 4-1 in his professional career.
5:57 am
-he truu kines o signs of a ssel team. >> we hhve a pretty good team here..3 we have to continue to work hard and we have to conninue to progress and do better things out there each week. we areeshowinn a lot of confidence. week..3 >> a touuh, rough, physical football team. we want to be smartt we want to e a disciplined football team..3 weewant to play harderment we want o make good decisions. that with the holding penaltt. i thought that tte holding penalty was a bad peealty. it shouldn't happen. ú%u don't finiih games by committing those types of -ennelties and we got to do better than that. >> we have done some things positive, and we have gotten better. so we can be one of those teams that are -- that is pushing forward. you know, i we want to be called the best team in the. we know that we have a long way3 to go. >> the ravens head back to oo
5:58 am
the road up to foxborough to take on the new england patriots. joe flacco didn't have thh best ggme for the air, but he didn't have. denver hhd 39 on the ground..3 as we mmntioned ray rice rushed ú%rr133 and sco scores. two scores. and denver, remaiis winless in baltimore all time. the ravens travel to new england next sunday to face the patriots. that is yourrmorning sports. i'm bruce cunningham. one of the avens and fox 45 biggeet little fans is ourrvery own candace dold's daughter. gianaa. she was ready to watch the ravens game in her head to toe very cute. >> send us
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[ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment.


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